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Town of Sexsmith Bylaws
Land Use Bylaw & Amendments
Land Use Bylaw No. 971
LUB Amendment, Part Lot 13, Block 2, Plan 1623 BQ from Central Commercial to Direct Control, Bylaw No. 972
LUB Amendment, Lot 35, Block 2, Plan 8123083 from Central Commercial to Direct Control, Bylaw No. 974
LUB Amendment, Lot 5, Block 20, Plan 8520600 from Highway Commercial to Direct Control, Bylaw No. 975
LUB Amendment, Lot 10A, Block 9, Plan 9926097 from Institutional College to Single Family Residential, Bylaw No. 978
Current Bylaws
Owner of Land Responsible for Damages, Bylaw No. 381
Adopt a Crest or Coat of Arms for Sexsmith, Bylaw No. 495
Appoint Public Works Foreman & Assign Duties, Bylaw No. 514
Establishment of Municipal Library, Bylaw No. 536
Repeal Bylaw Permitting the Operation of Snowmobiles in Sexsmith, Bylaw No. 552
Agreement for Senior Citizens Housing, Bylaw No. 566
Tourism Action Committee, Bylaw No. 654
Agreement with Peace Library System, Bylaw No. 658
Implement a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, Bylaw No. 660
Authorize Penalties for Unpaid Taxes, Bylaw No. 661
Fire Department Bylaw No. 704
Noise Bylaw No. 719
Emergency 911 Services, Bylaw No. 728
General Municipal Plan, Bylaw No. 757
Rules and Regulations for FOIP, 770
Schedule of Fees Associated With FOIP Requests, Bylaw No. 771
Appoint Assessor and Financial Auditor, Bylaw No. 805
Removal of Snow & Ice, Bylaw No. 811
Fireworks Bylaw No. 822
Prohibit Idling of Engines, Bylaw No. 825A
Municipal Agreement for Management of Solid Waste, Bylaw No. 834
Encourage & Accommodate Alberta Film Friendly Community, Bylaw No. 835
Garbage & Recycling Bylaw No. 836B
Parks Bylaw No. 861A
Building Permit Bylaw No. 864
Burning Bylaw No. 865
Appoint Public Works Superintendent as Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Bylaw No. 874
Family & Community Support Services (FCSS), Bylaw No. 879
Atco Electric Distribution System Franchise Agreement, Bylaw No. 886
Road Use Agreement Bylaw No. 921
Prohibit Discharge of Weapons, Bylaw No. 936
Atco Gas/Atco Pipelines Franchise Agreement, Bylaw No. 940
Non-Profit Community Organizations Exemption, Bylaw No. 945
Corporate & Community Services, Bylaw No. 949
Council Code of Conduct, Bylaw No. 954
Public Notification Bylaw No. 958
Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, Bylaw No. 968
Animal Control Bylaw No. 970
Municipal Planning Commission, Bylaw No. 980
Aquatera Utilities Inc., Bylaw No. 981
Tax Relief Bylaw No. 983
CAO Bylaw No. 985
Split Tax Rate, Bylaw No. 986
Municipal Traffic Bylaw No. 988
Road Closure Bylaw No. 991
Appoint Clerk for the Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, Bylaw No. 992
Nuisance & Unsightly Premises, Bylaw No. 998
Business & Industry Bylaw No. 1000
Establish Regional Emergency Management Committee, Bylaw No. 1002
Fees, Rates & Charges Bylaw No. 1003
Designate Grocery Store as a Municipal Historical Resource, Bylaw No. 1004
Designate Anglican Church as a Municipal Historical Resource, Bylaw No. 1005
Tax Penalty Relief Bylaw No. 1006
Joint Assessment Review Board, Bylaw No. 1007
Procedural Bylaw for Council Meetings, Bylaw No. 1008
Cannabis Bylaws
Amending Business Bylaw-Cannabis, Bylaw No. 963
Consumption of Cannabis in a Public Place, Bylaw No. 964
Smoking & Vaping in a Public Place, Bylaw No. 965
Mill Rate Bylaws
2019 Mill Rate Bylaw No. 987
2020 Mill Rate Bylaw No. 1009 

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